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Monday, August 07, 2017

Worship in all nations

Sunday in Uganda, we woke up and walked to a local church.  I love to worship in other countries. I love being somewhere unfamiliar, not knowing the people around me, being in a completely different environment, sometimes hearing a message in another language but coming together with a common purpose, to worship the same God.  No matter how different we are or think we are, as believers, we are all created and knit together by the same creator.  There is something so powerful about going to church not in your native country. It is a humbling feeling.  It is a great reminder and tug at my heart that we are really NOT that different.

This is how we started our time of service in Uganda. Before we entered the villages, God gave us a great charge.  He spoke to my heart reminding me that these people in the neighborhood of Uganda are no different than the people that are in my own neighborhood.  
They may look different, 
their needs may be different, 
but they are wonderfully and fearfully made by our same great God! 

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