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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The places in between

Continuing our journey from safari in Tanzania to serving in Uganda, we took 2 small plane rides and spent the night in Nairobi.  We arrived at the smallest airport that I have ever been to and rode in a 14 passenger plane.  Then our next flight was even smaller and we were the only passengers.  My 10 year old son asked the pilot if he could ride co-pilot with him and of course he obliged and also took a few selfies with him!

Once we arrived in Nairobi, we went straight to the David sheldrick wildlife trust, where they rescue baby elephants that have been neglected by their mom or the mom has been killed by poachers.  When we arrived at 5pm, we lined up and it was time for the elephants to come back into the orphanage from the park to get their evening milk and food.  The baby elephants march in a line in front of us on their own accord (unassisted and not led by humans).  All 26 baby elephants ran in an organized fashion in front of us, each making their way to their own stalls.  Several ate their food quickly and were already laying down for a nap by the time we came to their stalls...much like our own babies do after they eat.  It was an incredible sight to see.

When we left the orphanage, we checked into a bed and breakfast called the Macushla house.  It was a beautiful home and a great place for us to refresh and refuel before part 2 of our journey.

It is in the moments "in between" 
that give such sweetness when we pause to recognize! 

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