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Monday, August 07, 2017

Back to school

While in Uganda, we got to visit several schools.  At one school, we saw over 300 students scattered amongst small modest buildings (very cramped spaces). It brought new perspective to how we often complain that our schools aren't "big enough" or have enough _______ (fill in the blank).  
Yet, these students were filled with joy to have the privilege to go to school! 

They were studying much the same material that our kids study.  

The chalkboards were filled with the same equations that my daughter struggled through in Algebra last year.  One classroom had the boards filled with the books of the bible as the students were learning to navigate God's word.  

At one school, we got to meet the principal.  
She had created signs plastered all over her wall.  
I loved these truths in the writings on the wall.  
Even though we were across the globe, 
these schools addressed the same mission, 
the same struggles, 
the same vision.  

As we all start the school year, 
let us partner together to complete the school year with the same vision!  
We may be at different schools and our children may be years apart in age.  
You may be dropping of a Kindergarten student 
while some are waving to their high schoolers as they drive away.  
But don't we all have the same vision? 

Whether you are a headmaster, teacher, parent, or student.  
We all have a role to play.  
Let us support and encourage one another!  

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