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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

A new adventure begins

We began our morning in Nairobi watching sunrise from our bay windowseat sipping coffee from a french press.  We had a bountiful breakfast at the Macushla house.  We had a little time before we caught our next flight into Kampala, so we visited a Giraffe Center.
The Giraffe Center was established to educate Kenyan children about their country's wildlife and environment.  At the center, we got to have close encounters with the giraffes, feeding them out of our hands.

 We learned that there are three types of giraffes according to their markings.  I also had no idea that giraffes had such long tongues, and are sometimes aggressive to get their food. (just like my husband)
After the Giraffe Center, we went to the crocodile farm! It was here that we got to see our guide jump into the fence WITH the crocodiles and poke him with a stick to get it to snap it's jaws at him.

And yes, I screamed every time he did it!  We also got to hold a baby croc which was frightening and excited all at the same time.  As we walked around the center, we walked among school children that were visiting on field trips.

From here we went to the airport for part 2 of our trip.  

We had a small delay at the airport followed by a long drive from the airport in Kampala to our hotel.  We drove for over 2 hours in bumper to bumper traffic with motorcycles weaving in and out of traffic and people EVERYWHERE on the streets for miles.  The traffic was at a standstill for long periods of time.  Once we did arrive at our hotel, it was in the middle of downtown with thumping music right outside the windows.  It was an exterior door entrance with a very small room with 2 oversized twin beds for all 4 of us to sleep in.  In addition, our son was also began to experience side effects from the anti-malaria medicine (Malerone).
The combination of the long day with delays, traffic, loud noises, and drastic change in environment, we realized that we were in a bit of a culture shock! Our bodies and minds needed to  adjust from vacation mode to serving mode.
The Lord used this day to refocus our minds off ourselves and onto serving Him.

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