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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

An adventure of the heart

We just returned from Africa on Saturday.  We are still adjusting to the 8 hour time change.  8:00pm still seems like 4am to by body.  We have forced ourselves to stay up as late as possible, which isn't much past 8 but we are still getting up early in the morning. I kinda like the early to bed, early to rise routine although I might need to make it until at least 9pm so I can be a little more productive.  As it is now, we are barely making it past the kids for bedtime.  We have unpacked our suitcases and everything is put back into place with a few exceptions.  I am having a hard time unpacking all the memories.  So, I will be "unpacking" some of my memories, reflections, and take-aways in the postings to come.  Hope you enjoy reading how Africa spoke to my heart.
These smiles are like confetti to my soul!

Thank you TivaWater for allowing us to come alongside you 
and share in your insight to sharing the love of Christ to the people of Africa 

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