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Friday, June 16, 2017

Go see Wonder Woman!

20 things I loved about Wonder Woman

This will be one of those movies that I will see again and again! 
You can just go ahead and add it to one my all time favorites!

1. The story begins with mankind being made out of God’s image.
2. Wonder Woman is sculpted from clay!
3. Wonder Woman talks about denying the pleasures of the flesh
4. The given choice between darkness and light in each of us
5. A classic story of good vs. evil
6. It forces the main characters to represent truth
7. It tells the story of childhood dreams
8. She was bold and courageous, standing up for what was right and good.
9. It talks about seeing past the bad to see the goodness in others
10. It makes you believe in the true power of love
11. Believing in strength beyond what you think you are capable of
12. It inspires HOPE!
13. She became the hero she needed to be.
14. It shows what sacrificing one’s life for the sake of another looks like
15. A story about bringing peace
16. Its about what you believe in, not about what you deserve
17. It tells the story of how only love can truly save the world
18. Fighting for those that can not fight for themselves
19. Being on mission to fight for what you believe in and giving yourself to that mission
20. It challenges you to ask the question…..What is Your mission? 

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