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Friday, December 02, 2016

The yellow couch

My grandmother passed away last year. I got to spend quite a bit of time with her the year before she was called home.  During that time of helping her with physical therapy, she would fight hard doing her exercises, never giving up, but she would also remind me that she was ready. Ready to be with Jesus.  This comfort of knowing her destination made saying goodbye a little bit easier.  It was beautiful to see her welcomed into the arms of Jesus.  However, she was an amazing presence among us and I certainly do miss her.  
Her legacy lives on in my heart 
and in the hearts of many.  
We all carry different pieces of her life with us.  

As a tribute to my grandparents, I wanted capture an image for our Christmas card that helped me cling onto some of my memories and might spark memories for others.  
I chose to take this picture on my grandparents old yellow couch.  

Why there?  
This was where I grew up watching my grandfather sleep.  It was his spot.  I can still see him sitting on the far left side greeting the kids and grandchildren as we would walk in the door.  This was a place of comfort and rest for him.  
This yellow couch was also where all the family would gather together.  Many conversations were had on this couch.  We sat on that couch and read the paper, watched tv, ate many thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday meals around this couch.  It was a place where we were together. 
So, I hope when you see this card, you think of... 
and Gathering Together. 

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