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Sunday, December 25, 2016


It's Christmas.
Presents were unwrapped. We spent wonderful time with family. We shared a great meal and fellowship. But at the end of the day,I am sad.
Saddened by my sin.
Saddened that each day I repeat the same patterns.
Saddened that even though I know the stupidity of my sin, I still don't change.
It's Christmas night. These are my thoughts.
He came. He became flesh. He knew my thoughts. He knew my heart ❤️ and he came. He came despite myself. He loves me still.
On his birthday, you would think I could go a day blameless. Without sin. But if that was the case, he would have no need to become flesh, to dwell amongst us. He knew that even on his birthday I would not be worthy, and yet he came!
Tonight as I lay my head to rest on Jesus' birthday I am reminded of His unfailing love for me despite my failings.
Yet, while I was a sinner, Christ came to earth, dwelled amongst us and died for us!  (Romans 5:8)

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