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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Give thanks in ALL circumstances

This morning I was given an extra pocket of time.  Thank you to my sweet husband for taking the kids to school.  This extra time allowed me to dig in to God's word.  I am certain that He knew I needed this, and maybe you do to?
I read the story of the disciples in the boat after the feeding of the 5,000.  The disciples had JUST watched a miracle right before their very eyes.  They had witnessed Jesus feed the multitude with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.  They had proclaimed Jesus as the Prophet of the world.  Yet, as they were in the boat and encountered the storm and the rough waters, they were afraid.  Their first response was not to trust that Jesus would be there to calm the waters.  
They were fearful.
How often do I act the same way?
Something does not go exactly the way I want and I forget God's greatness and resort to fear and trembling.
He comes to us in times of need.  He knows my EVERY fear and calls me to trust Him FULLY to provide ALL my needs (not just some of them).  He brings me out of EVERY storm and returns me safely to dry land, just like He did for the disciples.  He intercedes for my EVERY need.  He will NEVER leave me nor forsake me.  He is the very same God today that He was when He fed the multitude, calmed the sea, parted the waters, and healed the sick.
Will I trust Him in my circumstances?  Will I trust that He WILL provide?  
This morning, 
God whispered to me to, 
Rest in His truth. 
Step out in faith. 
Have no fear! 

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