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Saturday, September 17, 2016

What is your speed?

I have a nine year old son that is a bundle of energy.  He has one speed and it is fast.  The other day, my son wanted to get out of the car and run beside us as we drove.  He wanted to calculate his Mph!  After a few minutes of watching his speed, we took off without him and let him run the rest of the way home.  No worries, it was only a couple blocks.  As we laughed about this incident, it made me think about myself and the culture we live in.  We have so many things coming at us from so many directions.
social media
overbooked schedules 
Am I doing this, not doing that....
It is difficult for any of us to avoid the fast lane just to keep up. 

God has really been pressing onto my heart to 
slow down enough to listen to His voice to direct my steps

slow down enough to wait patiently 
when He is not yet ready for me to "Go"

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