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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Why I said Yes when I really wanted to say No!

Why would I say yes when…

I say no to so many things.  I find myself saying no to certain movies, music, and clothing.  I can not count the times I say no to junk food and late nights…simply because I am tired of crazy and cranky.  I say no to stopping at Starbucks every time I drive by because $5 a drink adds up after a while.  I say no to certain apps that lead to long lengthy explanations as to why when a simple yes would be much easier.

The point is, as a parent, I have the awesome responsibility to guide my children and set boundaries.  That means that No is said alot during this process. 

It has made me examine my intent when I say No and be more open to change the answer to a Yes when it is the better answer!  I have been convicted to turn away from just inflicting my opinion on my children.  Some of my kid’s choices are not flattering or fun.  
Some of their choices are just plain bad and messy. 
I have been fighting against my desire to “control”, “hover”, and “over-protect”.  Yet, the Lord sweetly whispers to me, “they are mine” before they were ever yours!  My children are His first.  
I need that reminder. 
When my daughter asks for bright red streaks in her hair, as silly as that sounds... I have a choice.  I can choose to use my parental force and say No, end of discussion.  Or, I can put aside MY opinions and use HIS truth as my measuring stick.  When I look at His word, I realize- it is not immoral and it is not unethical, so why do I want to say no?
This is a way for her to be unique.  This is a way for to be set apart and isn’t that what we are asking our kids to do- be set apart?   In a time of their life that it is hard to figure out where our teens belong and how they can be themselves, It is a time to examine our answers. Let your No mean No and your Yes mean Yes but before you shake your head in judgment, examine the motive behind why you say yes or no to the decisions you make with your own kids. 

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