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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Birthday, Happy Easter my son

My son turned nine today. In these years, I have watched him grow physically and mentally. Some things have changed through the years, some have not. I still see the same look in his eyes that I saw when he was a baby. I still hear the same giggle that I had the joy of hearing when he was only a few months old. He still gives the best hugs and is extremely tender hearted. 

These treasures remain the same.
Then there are the changes I have seen, the growth I have witnessed...
   He no longer clings to me. He walks on his own very independent of me. He still acknowledges his need for me but each day it is less and less. This at times is sad but most of the time makes me happy to see how he has grown.
   My opinion and his opinion...these are two separate entities. If you have kids, that might be enough said. He still respects my opinion (for now at least) but he is inquisitive, searching for answers and truth.
   He is passionate about the simplest of things. Remote control cars. Nerf gun wars. Sneaking up on his sister. Candy. These little things produce much joy.
   He loves a good competition. (Not sure where this attribute came from...).  If there is a challenge and a prize (sometimes you don't even need that), he is all about the competition.
On this Easter Sunday, the first time his birthday has fallen on the day we celebrate our risen Savior, I reflect on many things. For the disciples that were once able to cling to the side of Jesus, they had to walk out their faith. Walk independent yet acknowledging their great need. They were left with questions and doubt. Inquisitive, searching for truth. I have no doubt they were sad to walk without Jesus at their side. They were left to run the good race with perseverance. To share the joy of Christ with others.Today, as we celebrate Jesus, His forgiveness and his gift of life, I pray that I have the faith of my very own child. Some things change but some things remain the same. May my eyes be fixed upon Him, finding joy and passion in the everyday miracles that surround us. May my heart remain soft and tender to His truth. May I run the race well with the perspective of the ultimate prize of eternity.  

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