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Monday, January 04, 2016

You say its your birthday...

Yesterday was my birthday.  
I am BIG on birthdays.  So, it seems weird of me to say but yesterday was just like any other day.  We woke up, went to church, ate lunch with my parents, watched a family movie on our couch, played video games in the game room, and baked cookies that night.  It was a good day, but nothing out of the normal.  
But then, THAT is the point.  
Not just MY birthday, or YOUR birthday, but EVERY day is a gift! No matter how we choose to spend it, the fact that we have air to breath, is a gift.  The fact that God brought each of us into existence is a gift.  I look at yesterday (my birthday) and any other day I get to spend as a mother, a wife, a friend.  It is another day that I have been given to make a difference.
So, while I LOVE birthdays, and I DO believe they are the special day that we were designed, created, and given life by our creator...every day is reason to celebrate.  Don't wait for the NEXT milestone, the next big event, the next "special occasion", live life fully EVERY day! 
Thanks be to God for His 
indescribable gift!
2 Corinthians 9:15    

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