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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


We recently bought a house with the intent to remodel. We were excited about the potential for this house. We could see the beauty that just needed to be brought out in the house. 
We had to make a hard decision...move into the new house and endure the process of the remodel or stay at the old house while keeping it in 'show' condition. Ultimately, we decided for the sanity of our family, we would move. 
As we moved into the new (older) house, we settled into the basement during the upstairs remodel. Did you read that part..the BASEMENT.  Yes, our family of 4 in the basementsounds fun huh? The first two weeks into the new home, it rained. It rained EVERY DAY. It rained sideways and hard. 
The rain began to drip…from the ceiling in the kitchen. 
We discovered leaks in the bedroom windows. 
I cried. 
I had a strong desire to pack up and run back to my old house. But I couldn't. I was committed! There was no turning back. 
The windows got ripped out and replaced with the new ones. The leak got repaired. We began seeing the old fixtures, flooring, and stairs taken out. 

Days went by, weeks went by, our project end date passed
The process was painful. It was slow. There were days the progress was literally as slow as watching paint dry. Really. I am not kiddinghave you watched paint dry? 
Every day it seemed there was a new frustration. Every day, sometimes multiple times a day...Something that needed to be done or be fixed. I spent hours meeting about the project, hours I wanted to spend my time doing something else instead. 
The process made me mad. I didn't like the feeling of being stuck in the basement. I felt forced to stop looking back and focus on moving forward but every fiber in me did NOT want to....
Then I began to see small glimmers of beauty in the new (old) house from the tile in the bathroom, color on the walls, and stain on the floor. We were at a place of seeing a great transformation happen! We knew much work needed to be done still but could see the house that was soon becoming our HOME!
Through this process, God has sweetly reminded me that this process is like a small picture of the transformation that happens in every believer’s life. 
He looks at us excited at the potential for us. He sees past our ugly sin and sees the beauty inside. We just have to make the hard decision to accept Jesus into our hearts. Leaving behind old ways, standing in the rain, sometimes even the storms come to reveal what needs to be fixed. It is not an easy path. It sometimes brings pain and tears.
The process of this change can be slow and frustrating. It can even be painful. It forces you to learn from looking back and focus on moving forward. With each step of faith, the Lord gives glimmers of beauty and hope. The journey is still hard, very hard at times but…
The prize is worth the race, 
seeing the future in our eternal HOME!
 I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you                                       will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6

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