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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Camp TaPaWinGo 2015

A reflection of our week of serving at Camp…

It starts with a short drive from Knoxville to Watauga. The whole way, the kids are recounting all the excitement and details of camp. Then as we are just a couple miles from camp, there is the tradition of eating at Pal's! 

The opening day holds potential to earn the 'badge of honor' by going down the zipline.  Then there is the unloading and unpacking into the cabin.  As everyone arrives and gets settled, there is meshing of new families with the seasoned campers.  As the week progresses, we get to know each other beyond just sitting next to each other on a pew.  We get to know each other's quirks, sleeping patterns, fears, obsessive tendencies, and Type A and Type B personalities become more apparent.  
We share laughs.  
We sing the same songs over and over again, to the point that you 'think' you don't want to hear it anymore….
And then
 you hear these same repeated songs of Jesus 
flow out of the mouths of the children 
and it brings you to tears.  

Then there are the late nights, cranky kids, and older kids having fun at an hour that may not be bedtime but it IS when you are exhausted from a day at camp! 
As the week is mid way over, you realize you have gotten to know many of the friends from church in this one short week more than you have in the past 5 years
And the best way to end the week is hearing your kids beg for camp over any other vacation! 

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