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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A lifetime of friendship

We have been friends for over two and half decades. 

We laugh together at things most people would not think was funny. We introduce each other to new friends and STILL share unnecessary stories of the past including embarrassing nicknames.
We are brutally honest to the point that sometimes we wish maybe we weren't. BUT, we also know each other well enough to tell each other when we just don't want to hear the truth….
Or NOW is just not the time!

We are perfectly content to sit in silence...although most of the time we can't stand not to be talking about 
Even though we have known each other longer than we haven't, we still experience new things together. 
(sand dollars and starfish)
We have experienced so many seasons of life from the high school and college days to weddings and the births of our sweet children. We have grown apart, 
grown together 
and simply grown up. 
But we are still the same kids at heart. 
The smiles are the same. 
The hugs linger longer. 
The goodbyes are harder.

Each year of friendship offers more mercy & grace. 

Psychologists say that if a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, 
it will last a lifetime. 
So I guess after 27 years, we are stuck with each other!

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