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Saturday, May 30, 2015


What does summer look like?
Water balloon fights

Lake days


Late nights
Sleeping in
Playing all day outside

A garden full of summer vegetables and fruit
Fields of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries.
Family vacations
Summer means all these things. 
It also means the kids no longer have school, 
a routine, 
and a schedule.  
This doesn't take long to equal 
'I'm bored' 
'what are we doing next?' 
In our children!
In attempt to prevent my kids from falling into the pits of unscheduled mayhem, I had each child write 5 goals to achieve this summer and 5 places they would like to go. I was pleasantly surprised by their goals. 
Here are a sample of just a few:
Read one book per week, Volunteer at the animal shelter at least once per week, Raise $200 to stop animal abuse, and Build a robot. This list gives the kids something to focus on while 'school is out' and helps avoid the boredom blues.

Yes, our summer WILL be filled with all the things summer should be from sleeping in to late nights and from tubing on the lake to eating fresh berries from the garden. But we will also have some goals to reach for throughout our days.

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