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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

One word that describes most of your days?

I spend many of my days wishing I had more time. Wishing I could slow down. 
Wanting to sleep in, 
take a nap, 
wrap up in a blanket and just
sit in front of a fire, 
read a book from start to finish without interruptions, spend time with each of my kids without watching the
clock to get to the 'next activity'.
THEN the time comes…. 
the more time I had been praying for!

And then
the complaining starts.

I love my schedule, the routine, the to-do list, I can't nap even if I try, I'm not sure I even want to read another book, and my kids need another especially!

I feel very much like the Israelites complaining about their troubles and desiring meat. (Numbers 11) Some time later the Lord sent a strong wind that blew quails in from the sea until Israel’s camp was completely surrounded with birds, piled up about three feet high for miles in every direction. 
They got the meat they requested and 

I admit, I prayed for snow….
 I wanted that white stuff! 
I longed for time to slow down!
And The Lord sent a strong wind and blew in snow…(in Numbers of inches…)
Today is a snow day! 
Yes, ANOTHER snow day. 
This must have been what the Israelites grumbled when they received day after day of the manna...

So today, I pray that I am able to focus on what I have and NOT on what I don't have, choosing to count my blessings one by one as we REJOICE in what The Lord has given us in abundance.

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ComeHaveaPeace said...

I love this friend. So much truth here, and as I prepare for my last bird to leave the nest, I remember snow days when they were younger, and I'm GRATEFUL to have at least one here again today. Praying you can savor the unexpected time and maybe even take a nap ;)