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Tuesday, December 02, 2014


{Trip to Greece, the unpacking continues…}

My suitcase has been unpacked for weeks.  However, my memories continue to flow from my heart.  Details flood my mind.  I could continue to tell you the impact of this mission trip.  But instead I will attempt to summarize our time.

Many things stood out to me that I will carry with me and apply to my own life. As we went through the week with our missionary partners, we learned of their vast involvement in ministries throughout Greece (and beyond).  They are busy, the phone never stopped ringing.  However, they always made us feel like a priority!
When I am busy with the routine of life, 
do I make others around me feel like a priority?  

As we shared our last meal with our missionary partners, they asked how they could pray for us.  My prayer was when I returned home, I would continue to see and RESPOND to the needs around me, for my eyes to remain OPEN to serving others, not to build the walls of routine back into my life.  Even on the plane home, the Lord gave me a gentle reminder.  
I was seated next to a gentleman that suffered a hacking cough.  This cough continued for hours (of the 10 hour flight).  As I tried to drift off into my own benadryl induced sleep, God kept prompting me…with this man's cough.  After trying to fight off this prompting, I headed to the back of the plane to get cold medicine from another of our team members (a pharmacist).  I also got a glass of water from the flight attendant. As I got back into my seat, I offered the man in the seat next to me the water and the Sudafed.  He declined the 'need' for medicine in between his coughing AND refused the water.  
I leaned back in my seat with disappointment.  Disappointed that he would not take something that he obviously needed. Disappointed that he would continue to cough for the next several hours.
But then, the Lord whispered in my ear not to be dismayed or discouraged.  
He reminded me of two things.  
1. When we are called to do the will of God, we are called to obey and not worry about the rest!  
2. We may never know the impact of the small things we are called to do and we may never see the 'receiving of the gift' take place!  But we have hope of the work of the Holy Spirit.  
The Holy Spirit is called the Paraclete in the original Greek, 
which literally means "one called alongside to help." 

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