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Monday, December 01, 2014

Walking on holy ground

{Trip to Greece, the unpacking continues…}

The most emotional day of my visit was the day we spent in Corinth. We traveled on one of the oldest roads created to connect Athens to Corinth, called the sacred or holy road.  Along the way, we learned historical facts. As we arrived, and stepped through the ruins, I felt like I was walking on holy ground. I was walking on the very ground where Apostle Paul visited three times! 
What was amazing to me was how the archaeological remains were unprotected. 
There was no barrier to keep me from touching the road that Erastus paved with his inscription. 
Erastus is mentioned by Apostle Paul as sending greetings to the church at Rome (Rom 16:23).

Then we saw the bema in Corinth built in 44 AD. This is the site where Roman officials passed judgement on legal matters. This is the site where Apostle Paul was judged for persuading people to worship the one true God. 

I physically could not stand. I was brought to my knees overwhelmed with sobbing. 

I was on holy ground. 
On the very site where Apostle Paul pleaded the gospel to the church of Corinth. 
I was walking through the pages of the bible, through God's story. 
That is the only word I have to describe the way I felt... 
I was overwhelmed with the power of the gospel that has been mercifully given to me. 

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