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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Room at the Inn

Do you have room at the Inn?

Christmas time can bring a flood of different emotions.  From buying the perfect gifts, to making your home look perfect, to having just the right food on the table.  Then add in the other mix of emotions from difficult family members, loved ones no longer with you, sickness, and tragedy associated with this time of year. Hosting can be daunting and just plain overwhelming.  

So as you prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior, 
How do YOU make room in YOUR Inn?

Joseph looked for a place to lay his head and there was not room in the upper rooms of his own relatives' homes!  Instead, baby Jesus was welcomed into the world in a very humble place amongst the animals. 

When I am reminded of this truth, it makes me want to put away the stress and put a VACANCY sign on my front door instead of a wreath!

What a great new tradition!
  We often times shut the door to OUR own family, not making them feel welcome into the upper rooms of our own homes.  
Will YOU put aside the stress of 
'making it perfect' 
and let your welcome sign shine bright? 

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