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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Card

To my photographer friends, my friends and clients, and everyone that enjoys Christmas pictures…that should cover everyone….

This year I decided that I would NOT stress over my Christmas card family portrait.  Even though I take photographs for others and it is a perception that my Christmas card picture should be "perfect", THIS year, I would NOT let that affect me. 
So, the day came for us to get our family photo done.
It was different.
I did NOT coordinate outfits.  I did NOT stress over location.  My husband asked what color he should wear, and I said, "I don't care".  This was uncharted territory…and it felt good.
We piled in my bed in unmatched clothes and took a series of images on interval setting.  I picked one and ordered cards all within the same hour.  
Never have I ever done this before….
it was unbelievably easy and actually…fun! 
Here are the outtakes of a 10 minute stress free Christmas card photo session with my family in stress free style….

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