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Monday, November 24, 2014

Why going to Greece made me a better Momma

{Trip to Greece, the unpacking continues…}
We went back to Helping Hands (the refugee center) midweek.  This day was very different than the previous day we came to serve.  This is a day set aside for the women and children to come and have a time of more intimate fellowship. 

We started the morning having hot tea with the Islamic and Iranian women.  Then we set up stations to paint nails and fix the ladies' hair.  I sat with many different little girls and their mothers but one little girl stood out from the rest.  She did not want me to paint her nails.  She wanted to paint mine!  She was very methodical about the way she wanted to paint my nails.  She picked an assortment of colors and painted designs of polka dots and stripes.  She took her time doing each nail. 

After she finished, she let me paint her nails too.  Then it was time to do puzzles.

We finished the afternoon by teaching the ladies how to fishtail braid.  Once I did one lady’s hair, everyone wanted her hair braided!

It was a sweet afternoon just spending time with these women.  They left knowing that they were loved and cared for.  We didn’t do a tedious job, or complete a long task list.  We simply spent time with these ladies and that is exactly what they needed.

It made me examine my days at home. 

Do I regularly sit and spend a whole day with my own kids without trying to squeeze in a to-do list, the laundry, cleaning, or some other task?  Would I allow my daughter to paint my nails whatever color she chooses without critiquing how it might look?  Do I set aside time to give them exactly what they need….
my undivided uninterupted attention and time?

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ComeHaveaPeace said...

This sounds like a beautiful day Mitzi. And your nails are lovely ... in more ways than one ;)