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Friday, November 07, 2014

Twas the night before...

It's the night before the trip and all through the house 
There is worry and scurry; I'm quick as a mouse. 
Did I do this? Did I do that? At my suitcase I stare. 
Less than 12 hours, we will be on our way there. 
Time to kiss the kids and tuck them into bed 
Prayers for safe travels and protection are said. 
As I settle in bed, my thoughts are running wild 
I have nonstop questions and my husband just smiled. 
Morning will come and we'll say our good bye

Whatever I didn't pack, 

God will supply! 

1 comment:

ComeHaveaPeace said...

:) Sooooo true. Or ... He'll teach me not to need it :)