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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Packed and Prepared

This week is countdown to our mission trip.

We have been preparing for the trip for months. This week, I have spent packing. I think I have been to the store everyday getting last minute supplies. Then, there are the lists. 
The list for things to add to the suitcase. 
The list for the kids while we are gone.
The list of things to take care of before we leave.

On one of the many lists was to spend some time checking off my daughter's schoolwork assignments. So today, We went to the library to return books and  get new ones. As I walked through the aisles, I stared at a book right in the middle of the kids' section... like it was set out just for me.

It was a kids' book on Greece!

I have spent all this time preparing with our team, packing, preparing my heart, making lists, but there was one thing I had not done. My two sweet kids need to know more about WHO we are serving and WHERE we are going.
How sweet of God to give me this opportunity to prepare THEIR hearts.

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