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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Speaking directly to me….

Have you ever been somewhere, an event where there is a speaker, and you felt like the person is speaking right to you? Or you have a feeling of deja vu?

I had that feeling today.


In my kids school.  During chapel time.

I went to the elementary chapel first.  It was filled with high energy, worship songs sung loud and proud.  So much energy and uninhibited singing that you couldn't help but to feel the words being sung!

Then I went to the middle school chapel service.  It started with beautiful music with guitar.  Hands were in the air.  Praise and worship were active.  Kids were swaying.  Then, there was an altar call.

I FELT God's presence.  

It was at this time I realized why, exactly why, I had left the laundry at home.  I had left the chores undone.  I had left a long to-do list….for what?


God had a plan for my day.

It was a reminder of where I came from.

I once was one of 'those kids'.
 I was once at at time of worship in my own school.  
I was once called fourth.  I once had a tug at my heart.  I once heard an altar call and went forward.  That day, planted a seed. 

Today, I got to reflect on that planting.  I got to see how the harvest continues to grow. 

When your day is interrupted, yield to the interruption.
You never know how God will work. 

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