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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Good Morning

We are almost 6 weeks into the school year.  

Six weeks into homework, and all the questions that go with it….have you done all your work, did you bring all the right books home, do you understand your math, or do we need to get the neighbors help with your 6th grade honors math that mom can't figure out?.  

Six weeks into the routine of waking up earlier.  Do I give them 10 more minutes to sleep so they aren't beyond grumpy? Is the extra time worth it? Or do I wake them up early so we aren't rushed and yelling as we run for the door?

Six weeks into packing lunches, how many more packs of Doritos can I pack?.  Oh, we just ran out of the jumbo box of 50 from Sam's, so either I have to get more or get creative for another snack option.

Six weeks into getting the back pack ready and into the car before we are late! The supplies need to go back into the backpack, yet surprisingly it is unzipped, books falling out, and half the papers still sitting on the kitchen table until mom patiently reminds for the what feels like the 100th time to put it back in the backpack!

So, how are YOUR mornings going? 
Is today a "goodmorning kind of day? 

NO, today is not one of those 
"good" morning days for me! 

Thankfully, no one has asked me that question this a.m.  Unfortunately, here I am to tell you about MY morning! 

I woke up 30 minutes before my kids (and my husband).  This extra time allows me to plan for the day, to pack lunch boxes, to make breakfast, to let the dog out, to unload the dishwasher, to throw in a quick load of laundry, to fill water bottles, and zip up backpacks...

Then, it is time to sing a joyful song to wake up my children with a smile.

As they stumble to the table, unsure if they brushed their teeth or not, and obviously not touched their frazzled, "I just rolled out of bed" hair, I ask them the puzzling question, "What would you like for breakfast?"   Ultimately leading to the much anticipated, "I don't know".  Which begins the series of questions, "Would you like, oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, waffles, all to which get a "no".  At the end of the series of questions, of course we default back to the first choice.  
Then it is a long 20 minutes to eat one measly bowl of oatmeal.  Does it really take that long to eat? 
I feel my internal thermometer begin to rise. 
As I fix my daughters hair, I can almost feel the clock ticking. 
As it is time to walk out the door, I hear by daughter fumbling in the dark to find her books and something come crashing down. This is followed by my son walking out of the kitchen stating, "I had an accident" with milk dripping off his head.  Yes, I said off his HEAD! 
Okay, I know that everyone spills something and mistakes happen…I get that.  What I don't get is how do you spill milk on your head? 
At this point, my temperature is boiling.  I snap! No amount of visionary parenting covered this "If/Then" situation.  

So, let's be real here.  Today, is not a good morning kind of day! 

The steadfast love of the Lord is never ceases, 

his mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning. Lamentations 3:22

I am thankful for today but even more thankful the Lord gives me tomorrow to start again.
The Lord is my portion, I find my hope in Him.

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