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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Singing your own song

Don't you just love to hear your kids sing?  It is a simple joy of mine.  I so enjoy the little voices carrying a tune in the backseat.  It makes the drive a little easier. It makes me smile a little bigger.

Now... do you ever get tickled at the words that your kids sing?  You know, when they misinterpret the song, and sing their own words.  I don't even want to correct them because it sounds so cute!

Here are just a few that get me laughing every time the song comes on the radio because I know the words that my son will sing!

Live with Abandon by the Newsboys (my son thought it said, "I want to live with a batman")

In the song This is Amazing Grace, one of the lyrics says, "You are the king above all kings", my son thought it said, "You are the King of Burger King"

The song Lift my Life Up, has a lyric that says, "I lift my life, lift my life, I give it all in surrender", my son thought it said, "I live my life, live my life in saliva"

My son now knows the correct words to these songs because his sister and I couldn't let him continue singing those lyrics, even if it was cute the first dozen or so times!

Do you ever hear something but completely misinterpret the meaning?  Do you ever read something only to go back to it later and realize it said something very different than what you thought it said the first time?  I don't think my kids are the only ones that get the signal crossed somewhere in translation.

I am pretty good at misinterpreting, misunderstanding, or 
simply assuming to know what someone else is saying to me. 

As I hear my kids sing wrong words or right, I will be reminded of God's truth:

Turn your ear to wisdom
 apply your heart to understanding
Proverbs 2:2

Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak
James 1:19

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