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Friday, July 04, 2014

Roadside harvest

I love this time of year, for so many different reasons.  
Today's reason, blackberries! 

I woke up with a mission. 

We were going blackberry picking.  We would not come home until we had enough to have bowlfuls of yummy berries and enough to cook a pie! 

So, I told the kids to get ready. 

One child came downstairs dressed for a winter blizzard, pants and long sleeves. The other child dressed in shorts and a short sleeves. It was hot outside, so I aired on the sided of comfort and wore shorts and short sleeves. 

And we were off...with our containers in hand. 

We decided this would be an adventure. We saw berries on the side of the road and just pulled over. The first spot was a gold mine! We must have gotten 3lbs just at this one spot. Then it was onto the next destination.  

It wasn't long into picking berries that we encountered the thorns. 
Lots of thorns. 

I had scratches on my legs and pricks in my arms.  

Then there was the screaming. Every time one of us stepped into the bushes, you could hear the groans. My son was proud of his wardrobe selection, helping to ward off the thorns! But we didn't give up. We pushed through the thorns to get our sweet berries. We ended up with 5lbs of sweetness. We can hardly wait until after dinner to enjoy our blackberry pie. 

We will encounter thorns in life. The only difference is being clothed in Christ and the armor of God to protect against the thorns! 

How will you be dressed? 

Do you ever find yourself staying in your comfort zone, ill equipped, only to encounter more thorns along the way?

Oh, taste and see that the Lord  is  good; Blessed  is  the man  who  trusts in Him! (Psalm 34:8 NKJV)

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