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Friday, June 27, 2014

To the youth...

You don't need a certain number of likes, FB friends, or followers to define your state of happiness! 

(Read that one again and often if necessary)

You don't need to post EVERY picture of EVERYTHING or even every other thing that you do. Capture a brain picture instead, these are called memories! I, as your true friend, would rather you TELL me about your day, life, and adventures!
You don't need to know every detail of your friends' lives (via text or FB, Instagram,or Twitter ). So quit stalking and go do something other than looking at a 'screen'.  You can actually meet face to face and talk about what IS important.

You don't need constant texts to know that someone loves and cares about you. Sometimes that means talking to the person sitting next to you, in the next room, or downstairs! Clever, huh?!

The people that are the most difficult to communicate with are the ones worth learning the skills to effectively talk through and cope with the real issues. You will learn the most about yourself and others through digging in and figuring it out!
If someone doesn't answer your texts, don't assume that they don't like you, are mad at you, or something is wrong- chances are, they are just NOT looking at the phone! They might instead be talking to the people they are with, or maybe having quiet time to themselves.  You should try this sometime!

If you make a mistake, or someone gives you constructive feedback, it doesn't mean that it is the worst day ever. What is does mean are just like everyone else! You are NOT the first or only person who has failed. Get out of your pity party and learn from your mistake. Turn your frown upside down already!
Your parents aren't perfect. They are in general NOT your best friend, NOT your personal banker, and NOT your maid service, get over it already

News flash
Your parents aren't perfect! 
They are sinners just like you! 

They WILL get mad at you- sometimes you will deserve it, sometimes you won't (that is part of the whole not being perfect thing...). They are suppose to say NO, that is their job, expect it, don't be surprised by it!
Things in life are not always easy, as a matter of fact, most of it is hard. The things in life that are hard are the things that are worth putting the time and energy into! So quit complaining and giving up. Push your sleeves up and work hard, or better yet, just work!

This is my 2 cents for today. 
I could give you a lot more but I will save it for my next climb up on the ol' soap box.

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