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Sunday, June 08, 2014

The cat, a very different story

I am Cutie, the 'other' pet. The one that got left behind. I am cute too, don't they know!
While my family has been on vacation, I have been HERE.

The first day, it was pretty normal. I spent most my time in my owner's bedroom. I was waiting for her to come home...but she never came.

The next day I began to venture out. I noticed the dog was gone. It was quiet and peaceful. I didn't get barked at in the evening. I could stroll through the house without being chased. I could jump on top of the kitchen counters without being scolded. I pranced into every room. I pounced onto the laundry basket and made myself a new bed for the day. I stayed up all night darting around the house.
In the mornings, some lady comes and fills up my bowl with food. I am so hungry, I meow at her and knock the bowl out of her hands. 

Then she leaves.

Day 3. Day 4. Day 5.  Day 6….

I sit by the window and dream about chasing birds. I found the dog's toys and I have been playing with them. I slept on my owner's pillow last night. This morning I rubbed on that lady's leg that comes to feed me. She gave my back a little rub.

Are my owners coming back to get me? I am lonely. I am bored. I am actually looking forward to that annoying dog coming home!

Do you ever feel alone? 

Being alone at first is peaceful and quiet, a great time to reflect and speak to The Lord. But after a time of being alone, our soul cries out for fellowship.  It is time to venture out!  We are called to be in relationships with one another. We called to accept even those that are difficult to love! 

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