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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Dog days

Hi, my name is Darrin. I am a dog, a really cute dog! My owners have taken me on my first vacation to the beach!

First we got into the car and drove for a really long time. I stood up the entire trip. I looked out the window and checked out EVERYTHING we passed by. I got SO excited that I sat on everyone's lap.
Then we arrived at this house. It had a pool. The kids have been jumping in and splashing around. I think they need me to save them and then they just pop right out of the water. It is very strange. They keep calling me over to the water but I'm not falling for their tricks. I just bark at them and run around the edge of the pool. My owner finally got me into the pool and thought it was funny. I went along with it and acted like I was swimming, I kinda liked it after all but didn't want to admit it.

Then my owner took me on a walk to the beach. I got sand all over my paws and there was this big body of water that kept moving, I think they call it ocean. I walked into it but quickly ran back out because the water kept coming at me and I didn't like getting my paws wet. Then there were other dogs! I tried to smell all of them but my owner wouldn't let me get close to all of them, just some of them. I stayed on my leash the whole time. I tried my best to stretch out my leash as far as I could. Some of these dogs were off their leash and got ALL the way into the water!
Oh yeah and then a bird flew by....I chased it but my owner wasn't happy about that and yelled for me to stop. I wanted to chase another bird but I knew I would get in trouble. I don't think I ever stopped wagging my tail!

Oh yeah and last night, we went to this place where my owner took me off my leash! I ran and ran some more. I got to run, really fast. I also met some other dogs. Some of the dogs were bigger than me. We played and ran and rolled in the dirt. I had so much fun!
Oh yeah and then there are these new kids in the house. (There are new adults too.) Some of the kids like me but one of the new kids isn't sure about me. I'm trying to win her over. She did pet me and talked to me in a really sweet voice. I'm going to try to sit in her lap tomorrow.

Even though I'm not at home, This vacation thing is really cool. I like the adventure. I like the new sights and smells. I will continue greeting the new people. Sometimes I may need to bark at them. Most of the time I am obedient. Every day is exciting and something to look forward to!

Comments from my owner: I am also not home but one day I will be! Everyday IS an adventure, a chance to admit our calling to impact another person's life. Do I bark at this opportunity or do I greet others with a fresh excitement? Do I just get  get my paws wet in relationships or do I dive into the deep water of issues and details of life that really matter? Am I easily distracted or too busy with the things that pass by in my life? Or do I persist in relationships and curl up beside others? Do I stretch myself? Do I run with the big dogs and respond to the Lord's sweet voice? Do I embrace the new adventure?  Every day IS exciting and there IS something for me to look forward to!

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