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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Dog days {part 2}

We are still not home. 

I'm starting to wonder if we will ever be going home….
Today, I got some special treats. My owner cooked breakfast. The whole house smelled of this amazing aroma of bacon, bacon, BACON! I hung around the table while all the kids were eating breakfast. The kids never finish their food and always like to give me treats. This morning was extra special. Instead of just one plate of leftovers, I got several plates!

After breakfast, my owner and the boys went on a bike ride. I ran in front of the bikes almost the whole way. Even with wheels, I ran faster than them! Then we arrived at that place again where they let me off the leash. Except this time we didn't stay long. Some other dogs were there that didn't like kids. I wanted to be with the kids, so we went to the playground instead. The kids played and I watched them run and run some more.
Then when we got back to the house, the most incredible thing happened. That little kid with the sweet voice that was afraid of me the other day, she talked to me. She rubbed my back and said she loved me! My life will never be the same! I am loved! My tail is wagging nonstop. I am loved and accepted by that sweet little voice!! It is amazing!

Do you ever wonder what home will be like or when you will go home? 

Are you enticed by the sweetness of life, the treats and the daily fast pace? I pray that I run faster to chase that sweet voice calling me and to wag my tail with excitement knowing that I am loved and accepted
such am amazing love from above!

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