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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

I didn't wake up to breakfast in bed.
I didn't have little ones cuddling me as I woke up.
I didn't have a clean house waiting on me.
I didn't have a bouquet of flowers.
I didn't get waited on all day.
I didn't have a of a day of pampering, as a matter of fact….it was just the opposite.
I planted a garden…. 
I was HOT and sweaty and TIRED.

I didn't get dinner made for me. As a matter if fact
I made dinner and cleaned the dishes afterwards.
Yet, today was one of the best Mother's Day I have had as a mom.

You must be asking, WHY?

Great question!

I woke up beside my best friend.

I woke up to 2 beautiful, loving, children that love Jesus.

I got to hug my sweet Mother's neck. 

I spent time with my sweet sister. 

I got messages from friends that sent their love and encouragement. 
I spent the day enjoying God's beauty all around me.
I am thankful He allowed me 
to be a Mommy!

This title, I could never earn. 

However, there could never be a greater name.

I don't need breakfast in bed or a day of service or pampering. I just needed this day to reflect on His goodness and grace, allowing me to have yet one more day that I don't deserve.

Thank you Jesus for the gift of Motherhood.

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