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Friday, May 30, 2014

Little blessing

Today is my daughter's birthday. God blessed us with her eleven years
ago today. She has brought great joy into our lives. It is amazing to
see how God has gifted her. She has been gifted with a great love for
animals. It would be easy to sit back and list the ways my daughter
makes me smile. There are many, the list would be a long one.

Instead it was on my heart to reflect on how God has used this little
girl of ours. 

I think back when she was born and how we were still
living our selfish lives and figuring out how to keep doing our things
and fit her into the equation. She quickly reset our priorities!

Thank you Lord!

I think back to the sleepless nights, the many days of doing nothing
but nursing and napping with my girl. The Lord taught us sacrifice and
to slow down and appreciate the quiet moments together.

I think back to the many, and I mean many, battles of trying to get my
daughter to wear a bow or a particular outfit. I had to learn that she
was her own person, that was fearfully and wonderfully made- with HER
OWN style.  This lesson took awhile in the making and I actually am
still working it if I am being truly honest.

I remember when my daughter started school. We embarked on doing
homeschool. This was the Lord's curse and blessing on me, both at the
same time. The curse was realizing that my daughter is the same type
of learner as myself. This realization was a frustration and a
challenge. It was like looking in a mirror. When you look in a mirror,
you tend to be much more critical than you should be. I have jokingly said
that homeschool taught me more than it taught my daughter but yet this
statement holds a lot of truth. I learned patience and the value of
encouragement. I also learned that this was one of the sweetest times
I would have with my daughter. As with most challenges, the rewards
are worth the hard work invested. I learned that my girl is extremely
smart, witty, and hard working.

God blessed us with a great bond through this time together.

Now, I look back on just the past few years. She is not my baby
anymore. She is not a little girl anymore. She is maturing. She is

Most of all, she loves The Lord.
Right now, I am learning to step back and let her shine. I look
forward to seeing all that The Lord has planned for her in the years
to come. But for now, I am thankful for the eleven years our family
has been blessed by her!

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