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Monday, April 28, 2014

Childlike faith

Today as I taught my Sunday school class, THEY taught ME! 

Here is a little excerpt from our lesson:
Me: Can you see air?
Kids: No
Me:  How do you know it's there?
Kids: I can hear it. I can feel it.

Me: God is like the air, we can't see Him, so how do we know He is really there?

Kids: I can hear Him! 
Me:  Really? What does he sound like?
Kids: He speaks softly to me!  

and I can feel Him.
Me: (Tears in eyes)  Really? How can you feel Him?
Kids: He just loves me and makes me smile. He lives in my heart!

Object lesson: take an empty balloon. 

Notice the shape. 

Fill it with air and note how the air that you can't see changed the shape of the balloon. 

This is just like how we can't see God but He changes Me and You!

I am so thankful for how God changes me
 and allows these sweet children to mold my heart! 

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