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Friday, December 27, 2013

Packing up Christmas

As I pack the boxes of Christmas decor, it makes me a little sad. Sad to see the twinkling lights and the beautifully decorated tree be torn apart. Sad to see the nutcrackers wrapped up and stuffed into a box for next year. Sad to see the space where all the boxes and bows once were sitting. Sad to get rid of some of it because we no longer need it.

There is part of me that wants to leave out the Christmas decor all year round. I would treasure the warmth and glow it brings to my home. I secretly would like to be 'that neighbor' that everyone drives by in July and points out the lights, comments and laughs. It wouldn't be that bad. It would save so much time and energy.
But then I am reminded that I 'have to' pack up Christmas. My husband reminds me that I have had the decor out since October. We need to clear the space. We need to put up the Christmas 'stuff' so we can pull out 'the other stuff'.  Look around, the stores didn't even wait for the Christmas trees to 'come down' before the Valentines stuff went up.

As I am wrapping and packing boxes, I am reminded to think of how we live our lives AFTER the 'stuff' is put away. I want my home to continue to GLOW even after the lights come down. I pray there won't be an 'empty space' in our home but instead the love of Christ will fill every nook and corner. I pray that we won't fill our home with 'so much other stuff' that we lose our focus on the cross. I pray that The Lord purges the things in my life that draw me away from Him. I pray it won't take till next Christmas, or a star on the tree, or even presents, for us to live in His presence EVERY day.

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