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Thursday, November 14, 2013

"The talk"

As I write this, my daughter and I are away on a mother daughter retreat. She is peacefully sleeping beside me.

I think about the weeks leading up to our time away, filled with stress and anxiety. Will I have the right words to say? Will she be embarrassed? Is she ready for our big talk? Would her innocence be protected? Should I wait until she is older? Will she even understand what I am talking about?

Questions running through my mind. Nonstop doubt.

Then Friday came, we were leaving that afternoon. 

The Lord took care of every detail. 

The questions were gone. 
There was no doubt in my mind. 

I picked my daughter up from school and she was so excited. I had prepared her ahead of time for the tone of our weekend.
What I found as we navigated through our talks was my sweet innocent girl ready to learn what God has planned for her through out the next few years. The changes.  The growth. The hormones...and everything in between. She wasn't embarrassed because she was simply learning about Gods design! She was open, receptive and ready to receive the truth, undistorted from the world view. (She will have plenty of time to encounter that later in life when I pray she has a firm foundation).

Thank you Lord!  
I pray that this is just the beginning of ongoing dialogue. But I am thankful for this weekend, this time together, perfectly planned by a God that is so good!

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