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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Where are you looking?

My son just learned to ride his bike without training wheels this week.  It was a long afternoon of confidence building with a few tears shed but he did it without any scratches, bumps, or bruises.  

The biggest hurdle we had to overcome was directing his focus.

Every time he got his bike going to a point I could let go, he would drift of into the curb.  I had to keep 'coaching' him to look ahead.  Time after time, he would drift to one side or the other.  I constantly reminded him to look up, look where you are going, quit looking down.  He started to look up but then he would jerk the handlebars side to side as he reverted back to looking down.

We continued this battle for several rounds of going up and down the neighborhood.  My back started to hurt and he was ready to give up.  So, we took a break.  I wouldn't let him quit without having a successful ride, but we did take a break, a much needed one to get our emotions back in check.

After a short intermission, we were back at it.  The very first time I let go of the bike, after he yelled, "Mom, let go!
He did it!  

He looked ahead.  He steered straight.  He even used the brake to stop.  I was so very proud of him.  He even stepped off the bike and exclaimed how much fun it was to keep it between the lines!

You know the saying, "its just like riding a bike"? 

There is so much truth to that statement.  I learned a lot about myself as I was coaching my son.

Where is MY focus?  

Is my head down?  Am I so busy, task oriented, checking off the to-do list, taking care of 'my little world' that I forget to look ahead, to notice the needs of those around me? 

Just like riding a bike, 
it is a great reminder to quit looking down

Let your eyes look straight ahead, 
fix your gaze directly before you. 
Make level paths for your feet 
and take only ways that are firm. 
Do not swerve to the right or the left; 
keep your foot from evil.
Proverbs 4:25-27 

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