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Friday, August 09, 2013

Running in the right direction

I have been on the ‘move’ more than usual lately.  Whether this is running while I play tennis, jogging in the neighborhood, ‘speed mowing’, or taking the dog on a long walks.  I am on a mission to 
be more active + eat healthy = GET FIT!  I know some people are naturally inclined to exercise; I would NOT class myself as one of these ‘people’.  I do it for a few reasons…mainly because I know it is good for me.  The other part of the equation is the competitive gene that won’t let me quit. 

There are some days that I wish I didn’t have this gene,
but it is part of God’s great design.

What got me on the fitness kick THIS time, was a recent purchase.  I bought a jawbone UP bracelet band,  This band gives you feedback on how many steps you take a day (mileage), calories burned, sleep pattern, etc.  After the first week of wearing the band on vacation and consistently not meeting my daily goal of 10,000 steps per day (the AHA recommendation for a healthy heart lifestyle), my competitive gene kicked in.  I could not take ONE MORE day of not reaching my goal.  Since we got back from vacation, I have not been able to sit still.  I have yet to have a day that I did not meet my goal and even reached an all time high of 27,000 steps – OH YEAH!

Now, of course I want to beat that goal…

The point is…sometimes we need an incentive. 
We need something to drive us. 
We need something to get us ‘moving’. 
We need something to give feedback and hold us accountable.

This morning during my run and time with the Lord, a thought occurred to me.  
What if I had a band that would give me feedback on my time in The Word?  
A band that would give me an equivalency to my devotional time.  
With this feedback, would it drive me to spend more time with the Lord?
I like to think YES.

Well, it is unlikely that this band will be invented.  
But we all have this type of measuring bands already.  My life, my actions, my words- do they reflect God’s truth? This feedback is in direct proportion to how much time I spend daily in the word.  My friends are one of the greatest assets for accountability.  If I stumble, I know they wont just pick me up but they will give me the push to get going again.  And most importantly, the best band any of us could have is the Holy Spirit.  

He spoke to me today and clearly said, 
“Run Mitzi, keep running to Me, and this time….don't stop!” 

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