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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Closing the mouths of lions

Have you ever wondered what is was like in the den with Daniel?

It  must have been amazing to stand in great fear and trembling and see  the control of such a fierce animal. I have often wondered how much  greater my faith would be to witness one of these great miracles.


This morning God painted a small visual for me....
We have a puppy. It is my son's dog. Since he is six, we have tried to  promote some responsibility in him. So, he is in charge of letting the  dog out in the mornings. Our morning schedule is tight, without much  time to spare, so his help is greatly appreciated. This morning as he  came back in the house from letting the dog out, I hear yelling, 'Mom,  I need a towel!!'.  I come running to the door only to find a soaking  wet dog, and my previously clean dog was a filthy mess.
My internal lion was ready to ROAR in a very big way.
But, The Lord  stepped in and interceded for my son just as He had faithfully done  for Daniel. As much as as I wanted to let the lion loose, The Lord  held it back and shut the mouth of this fierce animal (once again).  While this is no BIG miracle, it IS the daily work of The Lord that is
living and ready to act on my behalf.  And I am thankful for daily  closing of the mouths of lions within me!
(I know my children are too)

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