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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Be, been, become...

On New Year's, it is a great time to look back at what has been
placed into our lives. It is a time to reflect on the good times and
bad. I am deeply grateful for EVERY moment, EVERY experience, EVERY person God has given me. It is amazing to see what God has placed into my life and what He has taken away to shape the person I am to become! 

I am challenged to be greater than I was yesterday!

In the year(s) that lie ahead, I pray I deeper
share more freely
press my mute button more often
listen more attentively
not judge (even when I think I know all the facts)

to embrace the life God has given ME not the life given to the ones around me
to treasure time and learn my limitations
to simply say NO when I need to and allow my heart to say YES when I feel led to
take a backseat occasionally
to allow God to be my pilot and let HIM give directions to my destination
when the plan veers off course- to be patient

be slow to speak and quick to listen
be uplifting and encouraging to others
set boundaries where needed
be more tender-hearted
be thankful in all things
to place others before myself
to do all things with a sincere heart
to serve heartily
to know my own vulnerabilities
to do all things without grumbling or complaining
be filled with grace and mercy
know that NOTHING is impossible

be humble, be a peacemaker
be still
be organized in my days
may the meditations of my heart be sweetness to The Lord

May I BE exactly the person God created me to BECOME!

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