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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

30 day challenge

30 day challenge


I have to admit that it being January, I have heard this challenge repeatedly in different circles, the Christian radio challenge, the eat healthy challenge, the exercise/'get fit'  challenge, the Facebook fasting challenge, etc.  So, this idea has been riddling around in my head.  Certainly if you give up a habit or make a change for 30 days then by the time 31 days rolls around, it should become routine.  Logical enough....
So, I am doing my own challenge.

I recently confessed my very Type A personality and my love to control my environment.  I would love to say that I have changed, but that is definitely a work in progress (arent we all?). 
So,  for the next 30 days I am submitting myself to all control. 

What does that look like?
I will let my kids pick out their own clothes without redirecting.  I will let them pick their own breakfast and let them eat it with their fingers with their mouths making that awful chomping noise. (that one is going to be tough).  I am not going to control the study habits or the lack of studying, I will let me child fail if she/he needs to learn a lesson from it.  I am not going to panic if crumbs are dropped on the floor.  (I may need to buy a muzzle for the next 30 days).  I am not going go behind the kids and hang up the clothes the 'correct' way...I will just let them do it.  When my husband wants to help in the kitchen, I will let him and not insist on it being done a particular way.  (Yes, I am really that bad about it!)  Hey- I am being honest here!

This is going to be hard, not because I like to do those things, but because it is ingrained in who I am.   It is 1/29, I will report back on 2/28.
What is something you can change or do for 30 days? 

I will not be able to do this on my own, so I am only putting this out there in hopes that my friends will pray for me to LET GO and allow God to grab hold of my heart completely!

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