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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Setting the table

As Christmas approaches, most families will gather together for at least one family meal. This is a time that reflects many traditions.  This morning is the beginning of one of those traditions.  The Bodie brothers gather together and smoke the hams!   

One might think, 'Does it take three men to smoke a ham?'  Good question!

I have to admit, amongst my running around, baking Christmas goodies, making side dishes, and wrapping last minute gifts, and looking for an extra hand to help...I might be tempted to ask this same question. 

However, it really isn't about smoking the ham.  Yes, that is a task that gets done...but it isn't really the whole story.  The gathering together to 'smoke the ham' started with their father, Big Daddy.  This tradition was something they did together.  It was a time for the men to be together and well...BE MEN. 
And today, it is no different!

While I am VERY much a type A personality and everything must have a schedule and a reason,
sometimes time just needs to be spent...remembering and being together

So, as you set your table for dinner for your many Christmas meals, remember to stop and just enjoy the time and fellowship together!

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