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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Family Tree

Do you wonder what it would be like without dysfunction?
Imagine for a moment...

You are at the Thanksgiving family get together. Everyone has brought the 'perfect' dish, no jello salad!

Everyone is glad to see one another, there are no awkward moments, no too tight hugs, nobody is commenting on how much the "kids have grown", and when I saw you last, you were 'this' tall. No one is talking about how that one cousin is not married yet. Everyone is genuinely happy to see everyone, no one argues, the conversation looks like it was scripted straight out of a
'Leave it to Beaver' episode.

Maybe you are saying to yourself,
'Yep, that's me and my family, thank you'.
If so, enjoy the view in your own little garden of Eden.But for me, my family ate from the tree!

I love when I hear people say (including myself), 'I have so much
dysfunction in my family'.' And then they follow up the statement with some sense of shock.
We have all been there.
It is such a good reminder to go back to the beginning, the VERY beginning Genesis, and remember where we came from.
The book of Genesis has YOUR family tree lineage in it.
It is full of details about their lives. They were murderers, liars, disobedient, and unfaithful. 
Yet, The Lord saw past the dysfunction and loved them,
calling them to him!
Isn't it a great reassurance
that He continues to do that for us today!

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