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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heart issues

On the way to and from church today,
we had a great discussion! 
We talked about 'heart' issues. 
It began with the definition of humble...

We talked about how God has a unique plan for each of us and how He prepares our hearts for this plan along our walk through life.  Through this discussion, we began telling the story of how God sovereignly planned Larry and I meeting and how He prepared both of our hearts along the way.  We recalled the many times in our pasts that our lives parallelled but yet it was not quite time for God to bring us together because our hearts were not humbly ready to receive such a precious gift.  We then discussed how God planned each of our children's birth.  I told my son how special he was that God sent three babies ahead of him to watch over us.  I told him that he was not born until God had perfectly planned our hearts to receive the precious gift of his life.  

My prayer is that our children's hearts
will be perfectly prepared by the Lord
 each and every day
to receive His life!

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