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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Confessions of a proud Mom

Today was one of those 'mountain top' Mommy days! My daughter came home with a folder full of papers with excellent grades. I poured out the praise! I was glowing with joy that all her hard work had paid off!
I was determined to display her work for positive reinforcement. I broke out the magnets and starting putting the papers on the refrigerator. 
It was at this time I felt convicted. 
I took all her excellent papers down and just stared at them. Then I did what I knew was right. I put her first test of the year on the refrigerator. The test that made her cry the second week of school
I put her failing test paper up on the refrigerator!

Why would I be so mean or cruel to do something like that?
It was because of this failing test that made her work so hard. This test had motivated her. This test had taught her how to set aside time each day to study. This test taught her time management skills.  It taught her to 'schedule' her time.

This failing test proved to be the reason I am proud!
She let God take a really bad thing and make it good! 
That is what He does for us!
He takes our ugly awful mess and turns it into a work of art.
This is why I am proud!
To God be the glory in ALL things!

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