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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Back to school...

We have had a fun-filled summer!
When asked if I am ready for the kids to go back to school, it is a bittersweet response.  We have had so many adventures, vacations, stay-cations, fun activities, swimming until our poor skin can wrinkle no more. 
We have had camp-outs, camp-ins, sleep overs, sleeping in,
and late nights of catching fireflies!
we are ready for everything the Lord has planned for us this year!
Starting Kindergarten!

Starting 4th grade!

We have shopped, filled our backpacks, made cute back to school treats.  We have even started the 'back to normal' bedtime routine (even if it was unwilling at first). Ahh, how nice it is to get to bed at a 'decent' time again.

it is time for us to prepare our hearts and minds.

I pray for..

Armour of protection
Blessings over our teachers & staff
Calm our anxieties
Discovering of new abilities and self confidence
Encouraging, empowering
Firm faith
Grace, gentleness 
Humble hearts
Instruments of peace
Joyful and motivated throughout the year
Knowledge & understanding
Loving kindness
Nuture the fruits of the spirit in our children
Obedience to God's word
Patience, Praise, & Perseverance
Quiet my busyness to be there for my kids & school
Reward good works!
Spiritual strength
Turn away from distractions and temptations
Unwavering hope
Wisdom, pursuit of God's truth
Xalted (For Jesus to be Exalted in all things!)
Yearning for learning!
Zeal for seeking His will


chrisb said...

Mrs Gheen said she really misses her rock star guitar player.

chrisb said...
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ComeHaveaPeace said...

Love this guide for praying for our kids Mitzi. Thanks for sharing with the moms of WP!