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Monday, July 30, 2012

Lawn mowing

Is this on your chore list?

It is NOT on mine. 

When Larry and I got married (and had kids), the lay of the chores just kinda 'fell into place'.  I do inside...he does outside.  That doesnt mean that we dont help each other out.  But for the most part, this is pretty much how it goes. 

I like to think that we work well as a team, so when the allocated 'chores' get too much, one picks up where the other one left off.   

That was the case this weekend. We needed to get a list of 'Honey-Dos' done and it was time to pitch in and do it.  I took on the job of mowing the lawn.  My husband didnt get a chance to waiver in his decision and  struggle with giving up his domain because if he was going to get his project done on the dock, he needed me to help!

I have mowed the lawn an effort to lessen the burden and be a blessing to my husband.  I know the neighbors always get a good chuckle at me 'attempting to start' the lawn mower.  And then when I do get it isnt always pretty! 

Sometimes it looks like the yard got a bad haircut, maybe the lines are not always straight, I might even miss a whole patch of grass.  I even laugh at myself sometimes as I am mowing. I can barely push it up the hill at times. I have even found that I slip trying to push it at just the right angle. Needless to say, most of the neighborhood kids could do a much better job. 

But working as a team,
pulling together to do a task that may not 'BE YOURS',
is sometimes what God calls us to do!

Sometimes, it takes going outside of your comfort zone to really bless another. You may not be perfect at it (most likely, you wont be), you may or may not enjoy it, it may take alot of work, and you may even slip along the way.  But if your heart is in the right place, the Lord will give you strength to guide you in just the right direction. 

Lord, I pray that you will guide my heart to be comfortable being uncomfortable!

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