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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Birthdays are good reminders!

We recently celebrated my husband's 40th birthday.

I surprised him with a great getaway! I could certainly fill you in on the amazing trip we took and the beautiful historic town of Pinehurst not to mention the sweet friends that helped make the trip happen. However, I would much rather share with you what spoke to my heart most as we celebrated.

On Larry's 40th birthday, I think about how he became the man that he is today and I am reminded of how many people have shaped his life. One person in particular comes to mind...
His Mom!

I want to thank her for raising such a Godly man in such an unGodly world! I want to thank her for instilling values and morals that have shaped his character and is in turn shaping her grandchildren. Her investment in his life is bearing much fruit for centuries to come! There are many high callings and missions that God wills for our lives, motherhood is among the top of the list.   I love you Mimi and I am so grateful for you and your heart for the Lord. It shows in your son!

Thank you Pat Bodie! You are truly an amazing woman and a great role model.

I am also reminded of two great men in my husband's life that have challenged and inspired him....
his brothers.

My husband's family has a special place in my heart.
I am so thankful to his family for allowing me to step aside the journey with such an amazing man!

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The Fat CEO said...

Wow, I look like my dad in that picture - clothes, mannerisms and all!